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By Krabi Magazine Jun 23, 2014
96FM Unity radio has partnered with KitDee Media & Design to develop a 2 hour English program broadcasted all over Krabi Monday - Friday from 11am-1pm.

In the past 5 years, Krabi has grown immensely to a place where thousands of expatriates have come to live and enjoy a new way of life. Some coming here for the beaches, some for the food and others for the relaxed and easier pace of life. Everyone has left their lives back home to experience this new place but a feeling of connection is certainly lacking for many of the people living and working here in Krabi.

KitDee Media & Design is now forging the way to bring the residents of Krabi an English radio program keeping everyone connected with local and International news, events and of course most importantly - music!!

96FM Unity is proud to work with KitDee Media & Design as we have extensive experience working in the expatriate scene throughout Krabi and bring years of experience and hard work to the table. With 96FM Unity’s music being respected and heard throughout Krabi province, it is no wonder this will be a great partnership between the two companies.

96FM Unity is also broadcasted on the app TuneIn which is available for free download on both Android and iOS

The 2 hour English program will be hosted by a team of DJ’s each with a love and passion for music from all walks of life.

“The music will vary but the main bulk of it will be of the classic rock genre” KitDee Media’s spokesperson Joe tells.

The DJ’s will also act as hosts by inviting a prominent member of the community to the radio station for interviews in order to highlight these members of the community and make their image more “personal” with Krabi’s residents.

“We are extremely excited about this new project and look forward to working with both 96FM Unity and KitDee Media & Design” Tony, one of the new DJ’s tells, “It really makes me feel special as I can be a part of the first English speaking program in Krabi”.

As well as English-spoken info and music, the show will also offer a new media for advertising businesses across Krabi. As well as Krabi Magazine and, we can now offer advertising spots during the show.

96FM Unity is also broadcasted on the app TuneIn which is available for free download on both Android and iOS systems, you can download this new app then search for radio stations in Krabi Thailand, 96FM Unity is the top listed station for Krabi.

KitDee Media is a proud partner of 96FM Unity and looks forward to a long lasting relationship between both companies.

Please tune in any day of the week to “English Hours” Monday-Friday 11am-1pm.

You can contact Joe about adverting on the show at joe (at) krabi-magazine (dot) com or simply call 085-069-4752.

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