Pool's Out For Summer

By Krabi Magazine Mar 12, 2014
When residing in a tropical climate such as Thailand, there surfaces a need to keep the body cool and the mind calm. There are many ways to achieve this; some turn to Buddhism, meditation, not leaving their hotel room and cold towels. Others, though, get a pool.

If you are here on holiday/vacation then you will most likely have access to a pool at your hotel or resort. But if you are a resident here, then this isn’t really an option - so what to do?

Well, if you have at least 4m x 2.5m space somewhere on your land, you can indeed be the proud owner of your very own pool - all installed and ready to go in 7 days with Ananda Pools. Yes, that’s their “Saturn” model and is the baby in the family that includes the Neptune, Venus and Jupiter models that go up to an impressive 11.5m x 4.5m.

Ananda pools are unique in what they do. While many pools are made from concrete and tiles, the ones installed by Ananda are made of moulded fibreglass. So how is this better?

A concrete pool may take as long as 3 months to have ready and needs to be tiled before use. Concrete, as you may know, needs to dry and harden before it is of any use. The pool is literally built into the hole and needs to set before it’s ready to be used.

The fibreglass version though comes on the back of a lorry already moulded and simply drops into the hole and is secured in place. Simple. The surface of a fibreglass swimming pool is smooth and non-abrasive which makes it hard for algae to build up. This means it does not require large amounts of chemicals to get rid of the algae, which can amount to a 66% saving in the cost of chemicals.

Fibreglass swimming pools retains their strength with age and are 17 times stronger than concrete. They never have to be drained for acid washing, re-plastering or painting.
 Faster installation means less damage to your backyard and quicker use of your new swimming pool. Less chlorine means no hair discolouration or faded bathing suits and is less harsh on your skin and eyes. Krabi Magazine went to watch one of the largest “Jupiter” models being installed at a beautiful home outside of Ao Nang, and were genuinely impressed at the speed and professionalism of owner Cyril and his team. One point of note is that Cyril - although being French - speaks fluent Thai and obviously has the respect of his workers. This means that they turn up for work every day and work until sunset, in turn making sure that the pool is indeed ready for taking that highly anticipated first plunge in around 7 days from starting to dig the hole! As fibreglass is so durable and needs minimal maintenance, Ananda Pools offers a whopping 10 year structural factory warranty or guarantee!

So if you are dreading the heat of the next fee months here in Thailand and are looking for an elegant solution to keep cool, have fun and add value to your property, check out Ananda Pools and you could be lazing by your very own pool in about a week. They cover all of Southern Thailand.


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