Krabi Fun Park

By Krabi Magazine Mar 29, 2014
Tarzan had a good thing going when he started hurtling himself around the jungle via the medium of trees, y'know - fresh air, less pollution and no overly-ambitious minivan drivers on their way back from Satun. With or without the customary chest beating and manly yodelling, strapping yourself into some ropey things and slinging about the treetops just has to be the makings of a decent moring out, so we went along to the “Krabi Fun Park" to see what we could get up to.

With more and more of these types of arboreal adventure-based deals cropping up over Thailand, it takes a trip to see one to get the full “aaaaw I seeeee” factor on them. It's all about pure, unadulterated fun that has no boundaries of age to worry about. Kids get to be kids. Adults get to be kids. The instructors get to be responsible and mature adults, otherwise chaos would ensue.

Upon arrival at the park, which is located in the Ban Laem Pho area outside Krabi, very close to the Fossil Shell Beach, it’s like stepping into another world. One that has yet to witness the rise of the iDevices, telephones with buttons and to some respects, running water. This is untouched Krabi the way it has been for millions of years. No developments or constructions apart from the web of ropes that criss-cross overhead in a seemingly random web of confusion.

The instructors are on hand to greet every guest as they arrive and welcome them to the park. Well-maintained climbing hamesses are laid out and ready for them, as well as safety helmets and plenty of guidance on what to expect. Everyone goes through a short training session on how to use the equipment before getting the chance to "zip-line” across a short void just a couple of metres of the ground. Once “qualified”, it’s off to the real deal .The Fun Park has more than just the usual zip-lining that has become one of the must-do-thrill-type-things in S.E.Asia of late. As well as this, they have a ‘flying bicycle” to ride and a Harry Potter-esque broomstick. Yes, they have somehow managed to get both pieces of equipment up into the canopy and attached in such a way that folks can whizz around up there cackling to themselves like some otherworldly pre-teen wizard. Or Lance Armstrong. Either way, loads of fun.

lf you want to make a full day of fun and adventure, they also have packages that incorporate a trips to local attractions such as the local aquarium amongst others - great fun for little and large kids alike. They all include fresh fruits, refreshments and lunches for these full-day affairs and make sure that everyone has as much fun as they can legally handle.

Excellent, knowledgeable and friendly staff, fantastic location and a bucketload of fun all make for one of the best days out for all ages you can get in Krabi.

Call Krabi Fun Park on: 091 035 7169

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