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By Krabi Magazine Jan 1, 2014
Property developer Khun Puwanat or Khun Tac for short has been developing property all over the country and he has taken the time to sit down with us and walk us through his experience and current project on the cliffs of Katiang Bay in Koh Lanta.

KM: Thank you Khun Tac for taking the time out of your day to talk with us this afternoon, your project is in an amazing location, did you purchase this land with the intention build a development like this or has this land been in your possession for a long time?

Khun Tac: I purchased this land 11 years ago before there was anything else on Koh Lanta and about 7 years ago I built the original resort ‘Islandia’ which we have been operating since.

KM: Why did you decide to change from your bungalow style resort Islandia to this luxury development?

Khun Tac: I have always wanted to build a luxury development and offer it to the public, and with my land overlooking the sea below as it crashed on the rocky cliffs this is the perfect place to do such a development.

KM: I couldn’t agree more Khun Tac, the views from up here are truly amazing, when will you begin construction?

Khun Tac: We already have begun clearing the land for piling and laying the foundations, the condominiums are what we will focus our energy on in the beginning and we plan to have these complete and ready for transfer within eighteen months. After the condominium is complete we will begin construction on our nine villas.

KM: Will you also have any other sort of amenities to offer the owners and guests?

Khun Tac: Certainly, once complete Cape Lanta will have a fully serviced restaurant, Cliffside lounge area, spa, coffee shop as well as a golf cart to take everyone around the property effortlessly. We are also currently in the planning stages of building a small jetty for our boat owners a place to comfortably keep their boats safe.

KM: This project sure sounds great and the view is really breathtaking, I’m sure the guests will love it. So are you a Koh Lanta native or did you move here recently?

Khun Tac: No I was born in Satun, about 4 hours from Koh Lanta. I spent my childhood there and did various trips to Koh Lipe, Koh Mook and the other islands that punctuate the coast. I studied in Bangkok and afterwards I did my first development projects with my current partner in Bangkok. I bought this land in Koh Lanta 11 years ago and moved here around 8 years ago.

KM: Well it sounds like an interesting time, nothing is boring for you Khun Tac. Thank you for talking with me today, it has been a pleasure talking with you. Have a nice day and best of luck with Cape Lanta.

Khun Tac: Thank you too, it’s been great talking with you.

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