Muay Yo Chi @ Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort

By Krabi Magazine Mar 3, 2013
Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort is making headlines. This boutique style resort is nestled on a towering slope facing the majestic Ao Nang cliff. A limestone mountain that demands attention as it leads the procession of Krabi. Strategically located near shopping, restaurants, entertainment and Ao Nang beach; you will peacefully stroll up the stairs to the resort. Finding panorama ocean view rooms; having a private balcony for you to spend time in the fresh air, relaxing as you listen to the birds singing or snuggle with a good book. Imagine watching the sunset on the balcony with a glass of Champagne – pure bliss.

You may just want to daydream as you enjoy our timeless view of the Andaman Sea. We capture the heart of our guests by providing an environment that allows them to get closer to Thai culture. Arranging visits to the Krabi Museum of Contemporary Arts, shopping sprees at the second largest indoor market in Thailand and the ever popular Krabi Night Market. Every Thursday, Ao Nang provides its own night market located in front of the resort. Here you can purchase hand-crafted souvenirs of your time spent in paradise. Nestled around the market is the new Beer Garden where locals and travelers share drinks, enjoy live entertainment and watch the world slowly pass by.

We know that while our guests want to enjoy the ‘sabai sabai’ (relaxing) atmosphere that Thailand has to offer. They do not want to neglect their continued efforts in staying healthy and fit. Unique to our resort, we provide our guests with more than just a lovely place to enjoy their holiday. We offer an in-house program to meet the physical needs of our residents while staying true to the heart of Thailand’s roots. Providing Yoga and Tai Chi classes and even offering classes in Thailand’s National Sport, Muay Thai. Yes, our guests can experience what it is like to take on the “eye of the tiger” and become the king of the ring. However our ring is a bit different than you might imagine. We take this sport to the swimming pool; offering Muay Thai Aquarobics. Of course, we offer instruction on dry ground too but what a way to enjoy your workout while having fun in our cool crystal saltwater pool.

For those who are travelling to our lovely sea village that want to experience a few days of fun, fitness and Thai culture we also make available the “Kick Fit Getaway”. A weekend wrapped up in fitness classes, island tours, healthy eating and traditional Thai massage. We also inaugurate a new well-being regime; “Muay-Yo-Chi” an innovative combination of Muay Thai, Yoga and Tai Chi. The “Kick Fit Getaway” will send you back to your homeland with a renewed sense of energy, balance and happiness.

All of our instructors are professionally certified trainers; providing you a fun, safe experience that will warrant your return. Dream no more! Make your getaway plans to join us at the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort.

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