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By Krabi Magazine Mar 5, 2013
The words “Frog” and “Beach” are ones that are rarely used in the same sentence. So when we came across the Frog Beach Bar, we were intrigued to the point of stopping and investigating. Ok, it was the “Bar” part mostly - but what we found was a little nook of calm in the middle of Ao Nang..

Located on Noppharathara Beach, just across the bridge and after the seafood restaurants, the Frog Beach Bar is ran by a young man called “Kob”. Kob means “Frog” in Thai, so there you have it. Kob is one of those guys who have the energy of 4 people. I now know where mine went. He is seemingly always there at all times of the day, with a smile and a welcome chat that makes Thailand what it is. He was more than happy to offer us one of his specialities - the cocount shake - as we dug deeper into his story.

The coconut shake is well worth a try, we can now confirm. My parents actually found this place when they came to visit us over Christmas - they were staying over the road at one of the resorts and landed at “The Frog” when looking for some light refreshment one day. They returned every day for a fortnight and had worked their way through several trees-worth of coconuts by the time they left. The coffee is also one to look out for. With many resorts now offering instant coffee in the rooms or lackluster percolated stuff that has been on a hotplate for hours - Frog makes his fresh for you and can whip up an espresso or cappuccino on the spot.

Another of his secret weapons is apparently a mean Mojito. I say “apparently” as it was still a little early for my wuss companion so we declined the opportunity for some afternoon shenanigans. But it’s on my to-do list.... As well as the Mojito, old Froggy can whip up no less than 41 - yes, 41 different cocktails from his little wooden shack. I kid ye not. He has 23 spirits lined up and ready for action, as well as a selection of beers, shakes and smoothies that seem frankly impossible when you see the space he has to work in.

Frog takes relaxing seriously, despite his vibrating personality. He has furniture made from old pieces of driftwood facing the beach for a truly natural feel. An avid lover of Reggae music, you can expect to hear the likes of Bob Marley drifting along as you sip your drink and watch the world pass by. One of the reasons my folks returned here every day was the constant breeze that refreshes the place - perfect for those hot and sticky days. If you’re feeling like a nibble, Kob has a rather unusual attitude to bringing your own food to his place. You can. Heck, he’ll even flag down passing tuk tuk food carts and order the food for you before you get stuck in right there at his tables. I have no doubt that it’s this kind of attitude that keeps people coming back for more, and judging by the impressive amount of trade he has all through the day, it’s working to his advantage. As the sun dips towards the horizon, the place is transformed. Twinkly lights come on and you realise that you have the best seat in the house to watch the sunset. Nothing but ocean and sand in front of you as you sip your cocktail and say “sayonara” to another day in paradise. What could be better?

Check out Kob’s place on Noppharathara Beach from 11am every day. Content Content Content

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