Supercars Roar into Krabi

By Krabi Magazine Jul 1, 2014
Krabi has been the hub of growth and attention in southern Thailand for sometime now. Last August the gentleman’s magazine FHM chose Krabi as their location for a photoshoot for their publication, using the Beyond Resort in Klong Muang. Then in December, Red Bull hosted the cliff diving championship finals in the Hong Island archipelago, and now it seems only fitting that supercars make an appearance.

The Ferrari Owners Club, based in Singapore, recently took a 1200km round trip in their impressive vehicles to see our wonderful province in an effort to experience first hand what Krabi has to offer. The drivers left from Singapore and drove all the way through Malaysia before arriving here in Krabi - their final destination.

The roads of Krabi; set amongst the beautiful limestone karsts and notorious for their sweeping curves and stunning landscape made an ideal location for testing the handling and comfort of the fleet of over 30 supercars on their journey. Invited by The Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Resort & Spa in Klong Muang, the drivers enjoyed a luxurious two day stay at the world class 5-star resort and spa. A welcome break after spending hours upon hours on the road, this was the best choice in Krabi for a place to stay.

It was not just a sightseeing trip for the drivers, though - they were here for a purpose. Wanting to help out local children, they made a generous donation to the Kittitam Vittaya School educational fund -much needed funds that will go to supply materials and equipment that will only serve to improve the quality of the kids’ education. A great day was had by all and the children were delighted to see the fleet of supercars come roaring up to their school! The noise of the engines was almost drowned out by the squeals and laugher of the kids.

The visitors spent the day touring the best that Krabi has to offer, which also included a trip on the Andaman Sea out to some of the local hotspots, including the beautiful and worldrenowned Hong Islands.

Krabi will continue to grow in many ways throughout the coming years and the arrival of International names such as FHM, Red Bull and Ferrari are good indications that Krabi is set for bigger and better things.

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