Top 5 Spa Treatments

By Jen Adkins Mar 9, 2014
Whether you're looking to book a spa treatment for yourself or you're looking for the perfect gift for your wife or friend, many times you don't know what you're going to get when you book your appointment. Everyone deserves a spa treatment, but prices can keep many away. My tip is to find your local Beauty School and let the students practice on you. You'll get an amazing deal, and because they are being graded, they'll give you fantastic treatment.

Here are five common spa treatments explained so you know exactly what you're going to get when you book your appointment.

1. Massage

Most everyone knows what a massage is, but many people aren't quite sure about the details. Do you get undressed or leave on your under clothes? Will you have a man or woman masseuse? These are common concerns which prevent many people from having an easily accessible (and in my opinion, mandatory) spa treatment. As for under clothes, you are free to do what you are comfortable with, on or off. If you have a preference in gender, just ask when you book!

If you book a 30 minute massage, the masseuse will spend most of the time on a specific area such as your back. To get the real experience, you need at least a 1 hour massage. You'll get a full head to toe massage. My last masseuse even massaged my ears.

2. Body Wrap

A body wrap usually starts with an slight exfoliation of your skin and a brief massage to apply your body mask. Wraps are given as a detox treatment for your skin. You may have mud, algae or one of many other agents rubbed onto your skin, and then you'll be wrapped tight so your body sweats out your impurities. If you don't mind being wrapped up tight like a mummy, you'll love the relaxing benefit of a wrap.

Once wrapped, you'll get to relax for about 15-20 minutes before you are unwrapped. Once unwrapped, you'll get a quick shower either by a hand held hose, a stand up shower in the room or a Vichy shower which is a shower while lying down. Add in an application of moisturizer and you're left feeling completely relaxed.

3. Hot Stone

 You'll enjoy a Hot Stone spa treatment if you have a specific ailment, such as a sore back or fatigued muscles in general. Rocks heated by warm water, are covered with essential oils and placed in specific areas on your body. These rocks give pressure to pressure points on your body to relax them further. Your technician may rotate from hot to cool rocks depending on your complaints. Hot Stone treatments are usually combined with a massage to give your muscles the attention they need. This is a great pick for an athlete.

4. Body Scrub

Exfoliation is essential for glowing skin. A body scrub gives you a complete body exfoliation using a multitude of different ingredients. Two commonly used products to exfoliate are sugar and salt, but your spa treatment could include a combination of ingredients to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating not only removes the dead layer of skin, it also boosts your circulation.

You'll lie on a bed while your therapist gently rubs your skin with the exfoliating product. You'll be comfortable; they will make sure their pressure is perfect for you. They will exfoliate both sides of your body, and you'll be covered with a towel. After you are rinsed clean, they will complete the treatment with a hydrating moisturizer. Your skin will glow.

5. Facial

You'll have a big choice when you book your facial. Usually the most extensive on the menu is the list of facials. From facials for acne to anti-aging to face brightening facials using fresh fruit and vegetable ingredients; there is a facial for your skin. The best thing is to touch base with an an esthetician first and talk to them about your skin type. They'll help you decide what's best for you. If you're giving this as a gift, give a general spa gift certificate and let them decide.

You'll start with a consultation so your esthetician can examine your skin. She will cleanse, exfoliate or add a mask, massage and moisturize your face while you lay back and relax. You'll likely get a hand massage as well; it's a treat for any face.

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