Turn On Tune In

By Krabi Magazine Mar 21, 2014
96 FM Unity is taking over the radio waves with its wide range of upbeat and current music. The station has been broadcasting all over Krabi for over 10 years to date and through it’s diversity and ability to touch the likes of many different groups of people throughout the province it has continued to grow consistently over these past years.

The station is led by a kind and open-hearted woman named Mui and is supported by an award winning group of individuals, as we found out when we went to visit them at their studios in Krabi T own.

96 FM Unity radio is also a key member of the community, offering not only great radio to everyone but also leading the way with social programs. It’s school outreach programs all over the province. Khun Mui tells us; “We are going to one school in each district each month for 8 months. This way we can not only offer our services as a radio station, but also teach the youth of Krabi new skills and hopefully inspire some of them to work to better the community they live in”. Last month 96 FM Unity and Honda motors paired together and traveled to Ao Luk district to offer the children a day of songs, games and prizes for all.

“we try to offer a wide range of music to service all different tastes over Krabi” Mui tells. As well as this, they are also soon to be starting an English hour of radio in a partnership with Krabi Magazine to offer the English-speaking members of our community something to listen to, as these programmes are few and far between in Krabi at present. The early stages of this radio show are still at hand but she plans to launch the program sometime in early April. “With the amount of expatriates living in Krabi as well as the English speaking Thais, it’s important for us to offer these members of our community a program to listen to”. Mui explains. “We try to offer a wide range of music to service all different tastes over Krabi”

Everyone at Krabi Magazine are all very excited about 96 FM Unity radio in Krabi and are looking forward to hear the new sound waves echo over the province. Krabi magazine will be updating all readers on the official opening of the English program, but until then tune your dial to 96.00 Mhz FM and check out Unity for yourself.

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