Villa Ownership in Krabi

By Krabi Magazine Jul 9, 2014
Why is Villa ownership in Krabi a good idea? Of course everybody would like to own their own private luxury pool villa, but then the big question is if you could where?

10 out of 10 if you just said Krabi, OK all the clues were at the top this page, however you have most definitely given the correct answer. So let see why, here are 5 good reasons why it is a good idea to own your private luxury pool villa here in Krabi.

1. Location, Location, Location.

Krabi has been kept as a big secret for a long long time, however now all is changing, in recent years it has being discovered and enjoyed by all who are lucky enough to visit. The area is truly a tropical paradise, consisting of white sandy beaches, national parks and more than 130 islands to sail around. Unlike some other popular resorts Krabi is family friendly, safe and good infrastructure already in place with more being further developed.

2. Building Costs.

The costs to build a luxury villa in Thailand/Krabi is so much more affordable when compared with other countries, using a reputable and qualified development team it is possible to get hands on craftsmen such as carpenters at a fraction of the cost. Also land is available with magnificent views, in other countries this would not be possible to purchase and if it was the price tag would be so much heavier.

3. Investment. As mentioned already Krabi has been kept a secret for a long time, however the news about this new and upcoming place is spreading fast, meaning more visitors and investors on their way soon.

Now is the time to invest and purchase your dream home, whilst property/land is still available in prime locations at still reasonable prices.

Next year in 2015 the Asean market will be launched with 10 south eastern Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore looking at Thailand and especially Krabi as a place to invest, this is when we will see big changes including a sharp rise in the real-estate market for sure.

4. Property Management.

Most buyers looking to purchase/build their own luxury private pool villa in Krabi will be normally one of the following 3:

Owners who wish to stay for their winter months here in Krabi enjoying the tropical climate then returning to their own country for their summer months. Retirees who wish to leave their own countries and spend a more affordable, healthier and easier lifestyle. Investors who wish to rent out their properties gaining a good return on their investments, also having the opportunity to visit and stay in their properties as and when chosen. All of the above would need the expert advice and services offered from an established local property management company, taking care of property maintenance during the owner’s absence and their stay if requested, this includes villa care, pool care and garden care etc.

Also the property management company could offer their rental packages to each property owner, allowing the property to be added to their rental market listings generating an income for the owners.

5. Krabi Culture.

Last but not least, this is what really makes Krabi special. OK we have talked about the stunning location and good weather, and of course not forgetting the great fresh food available, but it is the genuine friendly helpful local people in Krabi which really touches you, in this day and age surely this is a good enough reason to make Krabi home.

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