By Krabi Magazine Jun 9, 2014
Krabitown is the heart of Krabi, it is a more local place so you will not find 5 star resorts or hotels here. The majority of the town is occupied by locals and offers a large number of restaurants where you can find some of the best Thai cooking in Southern Thailand.

Home to a number of places to explore, markets to uncover and shops to see Krabitown is a great place to explore a different side of life. Things also tend to be cheaper in Krabitown as it has no beachfront land to speak of and therefore a more local area to spend your time. So if your on a budget this might be a better option for you. Don’t worry, Krabitown is only a 20 minute taxi ride to Ao Nang and the beautiful beaches there, so although you’re in Krabitown you’re always close enough to Ao Nang to make day trip.

Krabitown hosts a weekly night market or walking street which is a Thai tradition upheld throughout the country. The Walking street in Krabitown is the largest in the province and offers you many tasty delights to keep everyone happy, try from local cuisine of BBQ’d seafood and fried chicken to Turkish Kebabs and quail eggs, or just have a beer and watch everyone pass by. Walking street is also a great place to buy locally produced souvenirs, clothing and paintings, so if you’re looking for a great all around night out come to walking street, grab some food a beer and buy some souvenirs. The market starts around 6:30pm and ends around 10:00pm. Get directions here:Navigate

There are 2 great temples in Krabitown; Wat Tham Suea (tiger cave temple) is a temple that was built at the bottom of a large limestone karst. When you pull into the entrance area you will see many stray dogs and monkeys all around you, please don’t be afraid they are tame and not dangerous, the monks feed and take care of them. You can walk around the entrance area and soon enough you will see a tall staircase leading to the top of a limestone karst! It is a total of 1,237 step to the top and it is quite amazing from the top, plan on around 40 minutes each way but don't worry if you forget water there is free drinking wear at the top. Get directions here: Navigate

The other temple in Krbaitown is Wat Geao, which is is the heart of Krabitown and easy to find. Wat Geao is famous for it’s spectacular white construction, in fact it is the only white temple in the area. It’s proximity to Krabitown makes it easy to grab a bite before or after by a simple walk. Get directions: Navigate or call: 075 620 537

Another interesting area of Krabitown is the Chao Fah area, the area most backpackers come to find a bite to eat and chill out. Here you will find plenty of restaurants and guest houses to rest your weary feet and meet some new people. Another thing that is important to know in the Chao fan area is its proximity to the pier, where you can catch a ferry to Koh Klang, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi and other destinations, you can also hire a long tail boat to take you around the mangrove canals that surround the region. Get directions:Navigate

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