By Krabi Magazine Jun 9, 2014
Railay bay area is a very interesting and diverse place, it is home to a range of people from 5 start resorts to simple back[packer bungalow style accommodation it attracts the attention of many different individuals. 
Railay bay is actually a pinasula which is inaccessible by land, you need to rent either a long tail boat from Ao Nang beach or rent one from Ao Nam Mao pier. both options are quite cheap and usually have boats doing the run every half hour so you don’t have to worry about waiting around for hours for your boat to show up.

On Railay there a few things to do but most of them revolve around the beach, find yourself a good book and a cold beer and enter into this great world of bliss on Railay.

Railay Bay has 4 beaches:

Ton Sai- great beach, calm, slightly rocky and full of people practicing fire dancing, slack-lining, rock climbing and other beach activities. It is home to the more backpacker style individual who is looking to be around other similar minded individuals.

Railay West- the main beach of Railay, it has a number of resorts on it’s shore from the Railay bay resort to the Sea and Sand resort, all of them feature beachfront restaurants which are open to the public so feel free to come and enjoy a drink or a bite to eat, this beach is the main drop off point for long tail boats coming from Ao Nang.

Phra nang beach- This is probably the most beautiful beach on Railay bay, with towering cliffs that peer down on the beach goers and that strangely enough always have water dripping off their tops onto the beach below, strange as it seems this water never seems to run out. You can do some rock climbing in this area as there is a permanent line set up for anyone who wants to give it a try. On the walk of Phra Nang beach you will find the lookout, which takes around 20-25 minutes to summit but the view from the top is absolutely spectacular, completely worth the time, our only advice is that you prepare yourself for a tough hike so wear shoes!

Railay east- This beach is the least attractive of all the beaches on Railay, most of the resorts use this area to drop off and pick up their staff and bring them to the mainland. This beach has a large number of rock climbing areas to explore and challenge yourself on.
on the eastern side of the pinasula there are a number of bars and restaurants you can walk around and carpus through to get some different cuisine and options.

Come and enjoy Railay.

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