Ruen Mai

Southern Thai Address Navigate Average Price: 150-200THB What To Try? Burnt eggplant with coconut milk, Prawn with tamarind sauce Free WiFi? Yes Opening Hours: 10:30-3:00pm, 5-10pm Tel: +66-75-621-387 Email: email Website: website
Ruen Mai: [Southern Thai] Average price: 150-200THB What to try: Burnt eggplant with coconut milk, Prawn with tamarind sauce WIFI: Yes Opening Hours: 10:30-3:00pm, 5-10pm Tel: 075-621-387 GPS: 8.088033, 98.882232 Ruan Mai is one of the most impressive and unique restaurants crabby has to offer. Ruen mai opened its doors over 20 years ago and has been servicing the crabby population Eveer since. Specializing in traditional southern Thai cuisine you won't find anywhere else throughout the province. Ruen Mai was designed by a local architect using large awkwardly shaped bamboo trunks and palm leaves for a thatched roof. The design is amazing and will leave you awestruck after you see how unique and fantastic this restaurant is. Start off your meal with the odd-sounding but delicious burnt eggplant in coconut milk, it is one of our favorites as it is savory yet slightly sweet with a light crisp to. This dish is served warm with fried shallots fresh mint and a side of boiled egg. After the burnt eggplant coconut milk we recommend you try the prawns served in local tamarind sauce, topped with fried shallots and fresh chilies this is a dish for the senses. The tamarind sauce provide mild sour taste while the chiles and fried shallots offer a dash of spice, it is a true Southern traditional dish but you will not find the same quality and taste anywhere else in Krabi. My is located 15 minutes from downtown Ao Nang, it is off of the main road going to Krabi, offering patrons a quiet and peaceful dining experience.

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