A short 30 minute drive from Ao Nang, just outside of Krabi Town, is a Natural Forest with this amazing temple. The area houses a famous meditation center set in a natural forest with lovely walking trails. Made from a natural limestone formation, Tiger Temple is a cave highlighted with many golden Buddha statues, ancient artificts, and sculptures in a series of large caves. The name comes from legends of a tiger that was said to live there, validated by the tiger paw prints imbedded in the walls. Off to one side is a set of stairs that brings you to another cave housing a jade Buddha in the legendary tiger’s lair, where people often throw coins for good luck.
Outside the cave, you will find a stairway straight up the mountain - 600 meters (or 1237 steps). Those who choose to climb these stairs will find a stunning 30 foot Buddha at the top, as well as a 360 degree panoramoic view of the region. The steep and challenging climb is punctuated with friendly but mischevious monkeys, who will happily steal your drink and snacks if you aren’t careful. Reaching the top of this mountain is a rewarding climb. It is advised to do this climb early or late in the day – starting out mid-day with the hot sun beating down will be much more difficult. And lastly, be sure to bring water. There is water at the top of the climb, but you will need it along the way.
The base of the mountain is also home to a stunning statue of Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion,.
Called Wat Kaew, is a newly built temple (2007). Located just outside of the town center, this active temple is clean and stunning – surrounded by grounds with peacocks, gardens and a monestary, it is the only temple directly in Krabi town. It is pristine white – sometimes called the “wedding cake temple”, as the white stairs climbing up to the temple are perfect, white and the temple is centered on top of a hill – like the top of a wedding cake.
The museum is located on the grounds of Wat Khlong along Highway #4 heading southeast of Krabi, heading towards Trang. The museum holds bronze tools, stone ornaments and various ancient artifacts - including Roman Coins. Some of these date back as far as 5000 years. These are all excavated from the surrounding area.
The museum also includes a huge collection of glass beads, which are reputed to be from an African ship. The story is, that the ship, carrying millions of glass beads as cargo, sailed up the river there and then tipped over. All the beads of course were lost in the river, and they are still today finding them in the riverbeds.
Wat Bang Riang. Is located in the Khao Iai district on the mountain top in Thap Put. Driving there is about a 1hr trip north out of Ao Nang headed towards Kao Sok. The long uphill, remote road to the temple itself is an adventure, but when reaching the top, one can see why you made this trip. The breathtaking view from this mountain top temple features a great seated golden Buddha in one direction, in another direction, a large statue of Quan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion and in all directions are stunning panoramic views of rubber plantations, wild forests and the Andaman Sea.
Once you park your car, head up the long walkway to the ordination hall and pagoda. This walkway is defined by a five headed serpent nag at each side of the stairway entry with their tails flowing all the way up to the temple. Inside this temple (as in all temples), one must wear appropriate clothing, i.e. have your shoulders and knees covered – there are wraps available for rent if you don’t have them with you.
Wat Sai Tai houses a gigantic sleeping Buddha roughly 45’ long and a good 18' high. The temple is highlighted by a peaceful Buddha reclining calmly along the busy road between Ao Nang and Krabi. This Buddha rests under limestone cliffs covered with a roof of cement, conveying the message that we should relax and be at peace in this tropical paradise. This temple, like so many others, has hidden gems when one takes a little time to explore.
To the right of the Buddha are several smaller shrines, an elaborate set of chairs and tables carved out from large tree limbs. Sitting in them gives you that jungle connection among the temple statues. As you wander to the right even farther, you come to series of little used and maintained staircases, where you can quickly disappear into the limestone jungle to find another smaller temple. One can feel like you are in an Indiana Jones movie in this small, mysterious area.

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